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At Toujours, our pastry chefs bake cakes fresh each day for customers and events. Choose from our range of light and fluffy chocolate cakes, decadent cheesecakes, and artisanal favourites, all beautifully created – ideal for birthdays, anniversaries and more

Exquisite craftsmanship since 1980

Over 35 years, Chef Alpa Pereira has been crafting exceptional, premium desserts having honed her skills in France, Italy and Germany. It is this experience that lends the authenticity and unmatched finesse that comes with all Toujours products. Using traditional techniques, attention to detail and imported ingredients, Toujours is known for its artisanship and superior quality.

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This is a cute cake shop with yummy cakes, pastries, croissants, etc.I have tried their cakes. Really they will make you feel great. Taste is good as well as staff.

Shweta Panchal

I LOVE Toujours for SO many reasons. They’re reliable, they use high quality premium ingredients, are magical craftsmen and everything tastes as good as it looks! One thing I’ve learned from my experience: if you commission a customised cake, expect to receive something better than the reference!

P.S. Their vanilla red berry crunch cake is my absolute favourite!

Karishma Sakhrani, MasterChef India Finalist

Toujours has been one of the most well known patisseries and for the very correct reasons. They have got scrumptious pastries and cakes. We tried Chocolate Praline Crunch Pastry which was simply toothsome 💓

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