French Pastries You Must Try

April 16, 2024

French Pastries You Must Try

Desserts are a universal language, used to express love, celebrate milestones, or simply evoke joy. French pastries, in a league of their own, captivate the palette and imagination of people with their delicate amalgamation of flavours, different textures, and exquisite craftsmanship. When crafting these decadent pastries, the pastry chef must prioritise precision and ensure a harmonious balance of flavours is achieved. From light and flaky croissants to creamy entremets, each pastry is a work of art, inviting indulgence and delight.


This dainty French delicacy is a meringue-based biscuit cake combination made using powdered sugar, egg whites, and almond flour. These simple ingredients lend the dessert a crisp exterior and a chewy interior with a complementing filling. The filling in the macaron can be jam, buttercream, lemon curd, or chocolate ganache—anything that perfectly complements the macaron shells that are already sweet enough on their own. Our macarons in Mumbai are available in a myriad of flavours, from the classic raspberry and pistachio macarons to exotic combinations like chocolate caramel. They are best served at room temperature and enjoyed over a cup of coffee or tea. 


A pastry shaped like a crescent or a half-moon, the croissant is said to have drawn its inspiration from the Austrian dish called 'kipferl'. However, this viennoiserie pastry is made using yeast-leavened laminated dough. Essentially, the dough is rolled out and folded while being slathered with butter. This is done several times in succession and finally rolled into a thin sheet, a technique called laminating. They are shaped and baked until they are golden and flaky with a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Check out our range of viennoiserie. 

Pair a plain croissant with a steaming cup of coffee for a quintessentially French start to the day. This versatile pastry can also be enjoyed as a light and satisfying snack or dessert at any time of day. One can slice it open from the sides and add chocolate or almond paste. It makes for a simple yet delicious dessert to be enjoyed after a meal. One can also stuff ham and cheese into a plain croissant and enjoy it for breakfast or during snack time.

Pain Au Chocolat

Made using similar layered dough as a croissant, Pain Au Chocolat simply means ‘bread with chocolate’. This puff pastry, consisting of flaky, buttery layers, is different from the traditional croissant as it has a strip or cubes of chocolate placed in the centre and is shaped like a cuboid. These delicacies are enjoyed fresh out of the oven, with the chocolate melting and oozing out with every bite. Experience a delightful contrast of textures and flavours with each buttery bite. 


Entremets are a sophisticated and meticulously prepared multi-layered dessert. Moving away from basic cakes, an entremet is composed of several layers of sponge cake that are encased with mousse and topped with a glaze and edible decorations of choice. The glaze is achieved by mixing sugar, gelatin, and flavours of choice, like fruit puree or chocolate. The entremet is generously coated with this glaze, lending it a beautiful sheen and a sweet taste. This technique also ensures that moisture is sealed within the dessert. This dessert is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavours, and colours, making it the perfect gift idea for your special someone or even for self-indulgence. 


A classic French pastry, mille-feuille, is made using three layers of light and airy puff pastry with two layers of vanilla pastry cream in between. The gentle assembly of alternate layers of pastry and cream can be challenging but is crucial to maintaining structural integrity as well as visual appeal. Once this is done, top off the pastry with chocolate or vanilla icing. Also known as a vanilla or custard slice, mille-feuille means ‘thousand layers or leaves', and as such, the pastry chef has to ensure a light and airy pastry texture. This signature texture is achieved through meticulous layering and baking. Mille-feuille is a great dessert option for special occasions or even indulgent afternoon tea.

Whether they are macarons, entremets, Pain Au Chocolat, mille-feuille, eclairs, or croissants, these meticulously prepared decadent French pastries are a testament to the delicate craftsmanship of pastry chefs and a must-try for dessert lovers. Gifting your loved ones or treating yourself to some decadent French desserts is made so easy with online shopping today. A simple online search of ‘best desserts in Mumbai’ will lead to a range of authentic French desserts made using globally sourced ingredients.

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French Pastries You Must Try

Desserts are a universal language, used to express love, celebrate milestones, or simply evoke joy. French pastries, in a league of their own, captivate the palette and imagination of people with their delicate amalgamation of flavours, different textures, and exquisite craftsmanship. .. Continue reading

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