Plan Your Gifting for These 5 Upcoming Indian Festivals

June 26, 2023

upcoming Indian festivals

Indian festivals have always been about bringing your loved ones together and showering them with affection. In the past, no festival was complete without a wholesome meal for the family replete with the choicest sweets and savouries. However, given today’s fast-paced life, everyone might not have the liberty of time to do that. That said, there are still plenty of ways to express your love, and the best way to do that is through gifts. Even today, a thoughtful hamper continues to convey everything that words might fail to say. If you are unsure of what to gift your loved ones for the upcoming Indian festivals, here are some ideas:


Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond between siblings, primarily a brother and a sister. However today, the sentiment goes beyond that. One finds siblings around the world celebrating Raksha Bandhan, irrespective of gender. During the festival, they promise to love, cherish and protect each other no matter what may come. A gift for Rakhsa Bandhan can be customised to suit your sibling’s needs.

Here is what you can consider in order to honour your unique bond:

1) A high-end travel set for the globetrotter sibling
2) A sleek, studded watch for everyday wear
3) An exotic body mist that will make them feel special
4) A self-care kit (skin, hair and body care) so they can pamper themselves
5) A pair of premium, ultra comfortable shoes they won’t be able to stop bragging about
6) A new gadget - perhaps a mobile phone, laptop or home electronic device

    No Raksha Bandhan celebration is complete without something sweet and at Toujours, Mumbai’s finest patisserie, our Raksha Bandhan Collection is always a hit among siblings, especially those living abroad. Send mini cakes, mini cupcakes or mini tarts to your siblings in Mumbai, or simply spoil them with a decadent Raksha Bandhan hamper.

    Raksha Bandhan Gift Basket



    Given that the Parsi community is so small, it can be tricky to find information on what to gift your Parsi friends for Parsi New Year - or Navroz. Send Navroz Mubarak wishes to your friends in Mumbai with a bouquet of flowers, a painting or some home-decor such as cushion covers, a show-piece or a wall hanging. A fail-safe gift for Parsi New Year is a box of dry fruits as these are versatile and healthy, too! Parsis are known to love cooking, and a kitchen gadget or beautiful crockery set will definitely be appreciated. While peoples’ tastes, styles and preferences tend to differ, a gift like a cake or box of chocolates will never go to waste. Visit our website to browse through our Navroz Collection, containing hampers that hold an assortment of sweets and savouries.

    Ganesh Chaturthi Gift Basket


    Ganesh Chaturthi

    Ganesh Chathurthi is a time when Indian families come together no matter how far they have to travel. In its utter chaos and confusion, it is one of the most cherished festivals in India. The grandiose festival begets magnanimous gestures in the form of an abundant exchange of gifts. Moreover, modaks are no longer the only choice you have when it comes to exchanging presents. You could pack a luxe coffee table set, an extravagant arrangement of flowers or even a set of bags for your loved ones. Gifting clothes during Ganesh Chaturthi is also considered auspicious and you could indulge in some classy brands for the same. Apart from that, vintage handcrafted showpieces convey a personalised touch that goes a long way in building stronger relationships.

    Diwali Gift Basket



    The festival of light is celebrated with utmost extravagance all around India. During Diwali, Indians redecorate or completely renovate their homes, throw lavish parties and do not shy away from indulging in the festival delicacies. This is one of the few times when you can go all out on your gifts. If you are visiting close friends, gifting them elegant pieces of home decor such as lamp shades, a coffee table set, and a bed set can be a wonderful idea. Apart from that, you can bring them rare liquor to be added to their cabinets such as a bottle of aged wine or an obscure whiskey brand. 

    Diwali, being one of India’s biggest festivals involves shopping not only for family and friends, but for neighbours, employees, clients and well-wishers too. While choosing gifts for each individual can be time-consuming, mass-buying packs of mithai or chocolate can often fail to express the feelings of love and care. A gift from Toujours in Mumbai reflects both, thoughtfulness and luxury. Personalize your gifts with your company’s logo or with the names of the recipients for that special touch.

    Christmas Gift Basket



    Christmas is a time of cheer and goodwill that encourages kindness and brings together families. As the popular tradition goes, you leave your gifts for your loved ones under the tree to be opened the next day. However, a mug or a New Year’s diary have become cliche gifts that are no longer fun. You can buy an exotic set of scented candles for someone’s home, a premium bottle of scotch, or an elegant set of cufflinks and lapel pins. Furthermore, you can even consider bespoke home decor items such as lampshades, a Moka Pot, or an aesthetic bookshelf. Lastly, if you want to gift them technology, a stylish set of headphones or the latest model of a smartphone are your best bets.

    For those who celebrate Christmas in a traditional manner, edible christmas gifts like a gingerbread house, boozy plum cake, or Marzipan fruits are widely accepted. 

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